Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rubric Matrix

Design Appreciation

I think the two designs above and at the right side are bad designs as:

1. The gun's barrel is pointed backwards so when the user pulls the trigger, he kills himself instead of his intended target.

2. People urinating into the mouth-shaped urinal most probably will not miss but using the shape of a mouth is not appropriate.

On the other hand, the two designs here are well designed as:

1. The mouse is small and portable, making it easy to be carried around for business trips or leisure trips and even for office or home use.

2. The socket with a wire holder enables its user to keep wires near the socket neatly without having to worry about the mess the wires will usually cause.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Challenge Based Learning 2

Big Idea: Transportation
Essential Questions:  How different would the world be with out transportation?                                   What forms of transportations are there?
                                  How does transportation affects us?
Challenge:  Find out what is the most common form of transport people use.
Guiding Questions: Who should I interview?
                               Where should I interview those people?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Challenge Based Learning

Big Idea: Water
Essential Questions: Why is water important to me?
                                 How do I use water?
                                 How much water do I use?
Challenge: Conserve the water I use.
Guiding Questions: How do I know how much water I'm using?
                              When do I need to use water?